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Welcome to Pane e. Vino Italian Restaurant

Executive Chefs and owners are Antonio , Anna, and Claudio. We opened Pane e Vino in the spring of 2009, with a vision of creating Myrtle Beachs truest Italian dining experience. We are orginally from Rome,Italy. Growing up in this incredible culinary surronding.. From the fresh figs, olive trees, amazing lemons. cracking open pine nuts, walking outside to pick fresh arugola, mint , basil rosemary. Or , gathering fresh sord fish , calamari, anchovies.

Fresh cut meats like veal , filets , ossobuco, lamb chops is a way of life. Mixing a couple of fresh chicken eggs to prepare some homemade pasta: like ravioli, spaghetti , manicotti, tortellini just to name a few . It was very normal to us. Its very hard for us to fully share our deep knowledge and passion in words!! Our knowledge of this Grand culinary of the world is addressed by decades and decades of information.. As we continue to ofter the lost receipes of the past we also push ourselves on a daily bases to promote the latest trends. It can be infusions , marinades, sauces, breads ,pastas. As we prepare our day ,the numero uno goal is always passion true our hearts.

This expertise allows us to fulfill any request that you are craving.. It can be from the Torino or Milano region that offers hardy fettucine alfredo. Or , the southern region of Roma to Calabria . Which offers potato gnocchi al pesto, saltimbocca alla romana to stuffed artichockes.. Gluten free no problem..Really , really exotic :like tripe alla romana, polenta with lamb ossobuco al ragu, risotto alla Milanese with braised veal ossobuco just to name a few.

We prepare everything from scrath .. With buying only fresh fish from the area, superior fresh veal, amazing fresh meats. Through all these decades its a added plus working with family..We understand each other and we are still learning from each other even after all these years..Che bello(how nice).. We welcome you to experience our experience to you..

Pane e Vino committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients. All of our dishes are made from scratch. Our inviting decor and professional servers create a memorable Italian dining experience.

Ciao da noi. We love what we do. See you soon.

The Pane e Vino famiglia,
Antonio, Anna and Claudio

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