Three Tips To Find A Reputable Hair Salon

Are you looking to find a reputable hair salon?  The process can be daunting and it is hard to trust someone with your hair.  We have found three tips to help ensure that you find a reputable hair salon.  Keep reading to learn these tips and get the hair style you want.

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Ask Your Friends

The first step to finding a reputable hair salon in Ottawa is to ask your friends.  There are a lot of other ways to gauge a salon but knowing someone who has been there give you first-hand experience from someone who is not biased.  Make sure to ask not just if they liked the hair style they received but whether the facility was clean, the people were nice, and the price was reasonable. Also, ask them if there is anything that you should know about the hair salon.

Use Online Resources

There are a lot of online resources that are designed to help you determine whether a hair salon is reputable.  The first place to start though is the hair salon’s website.  You want a company that has a website that looks reliable, has accurate information displayed, and that doesn’t have a lot of typos.  A lack of any of those could be the sign of a poor hair salon.

After you found a company that has a good appearance you can check them through resources like Yelp, Google+/Google Maps, and even places like Glass-door.  These allow you to get both customer and employee opinions on the company based off of experience.

Contact The Hair Salon

Hair salons are businesses that are supposed to be all about people.  They should be friendly when you contact them and open to answering any questions you have.  A really good stylist at a hair salon will be more than happy to give you a consultation so that you can find out what a true professional would recommend for your hair.  Also, ask them what the prices will be. If they are more expensive than their website lists, chances are you haven’t found a reputable hair salon.


Find The Best Waxing Ottawa

Looking for a waxing in Ottawa?  There are a lot of spa options for you in Ottawa and the surrounding area.  With so many options, how do you pick the right one?  Keep reading for some of the best tips to finding waxing in Ottawa.


Ask the companies you are looking at to see what practices they use for waxing.  While the basics always remain the same, a good spa will have their technicians take extra steps to make sure you are comfortable. Here are some good practices that a spa can practice to increase comfort:

  • Trim to proper length
  • Baby powder (talcum) to reduce the risk of wax sticking to skin
  • Lotion to reduce itching


Look into reviews for waxing in Ottawa.  While a company that appears good on their website, the only way to tell what the service is like, is through other customer’s reviews.  Do not take the word of testimonials on a spa’s website.  Instead, use websites like Yelp, Google+, and Facebook to find real reviews.  Don’t just trust the stars, read several reviews. Learn more here:

Waxing Ottawa
Find Waxing Ottawa


Ask the spa what kind of training their technicians get before working with clients.  Proper training differs.  Some spas require their employees to go through a formal education at a beauty school.  Other spas are equipped to train their employees on site.  Try to get specifics on what training is performed.


Check with the spa and see how much experience they require their employees to have and how long they have been in business.  More experience tends to lead to a better experience.  You should be able to find out what technician you appoint is with and inquire about how much experience/training they have.

Quality Materials

You want to make sure that the spa you choose uses quality materials.  The wax should be all natural, and there shouldn’t be any chemicals in it.  Make sure that the paper they use is not low quality.  You don’t want it breaking during the treatment.  Another good question is what all materials are used in the treatment, see if they having anything besides waxing Ottawa and paper used.

Nail Salons In Guelph Tips

Everyone loves going to the nail salon to get their nails pampered.  But when it comes to get your nails done you need the best tips for your tips.  We have done the research and compiled this list of tips for you so that you get the nails of your dreams.

Nail Salons In Guelph
Nail Salons In Guelph

Look Online Beforehand

There are many resources online for finding nail designs that you might like.  Google is probably one of the best places to start.  Find a few designs that you love and bring the pictures with you on your phone.  That way you can show them to your stylist so they know what you want.  If your nail design has something unusual in it, don’t be surprised if the salon can’t do it on that visit.  They might need to order special supplies.

Ask About Chemicals

As more and more chemicals are being discovered as harmful, it is important that you limit your exposure.  Unfortunately, it is near impossible to completely eliminate chemicals when going to the nail salon but you can limit your exposure.  Ask your nail salon about how they handle chemicals, which ones they use, and how much exposure the patron has to chemicals.

Clean Your Hands and Feet Beforehand

While nail care specialists aren’t clean freaks, they don’t like being around dirty, smelly body parts all day.  The person doing your nails will appreciate the extra work you put in to make sure your body is clean before the visit.

At the same time, it is a good idea to not go to the nail salon when you have a fungal infection.  You don’t want to risk spreading the infection around to other people.  Plus, most professional nail salons will turn you away if you have a nail fungus.

Take Good Care Of Your Nails Between Sessions

Taking good care of your nails between sessions at the nail saloon will help to make sure that your styling job last longer.  Don’t bite your nails, it doesn’t just ruin the appearance, it weakens the nail.  It also helps if you avoid putting large amounts of pressure on them.

Going to the nail salon is about more than just looking pretty, it is about feeling pretty.  Just the process of going to the nail salon can be relaxing for many.  If you follow these tips it will be even better.  Let others know if you have tips of your own in the comments below.